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Preprints. Abstract archive 2001.

N163 (December)
Concept of the ODA-B/SS - the observational databank of the stellar spectrographs of the 6 m optical telescope BTA
Authors: V.K.Kononov, V.E.Panchuk

The general principles of organization and the methodology of conctruction of the observational databank of the 6 m optical telescope BTA stellar spectrographs are described. The databank is considered as a united archive system supporting various experimental data. The strategy of the development is the creation of an open flexible multidatabase information system orientated to different categories of users.

N162 (December)

Middle resolution echelle spectrograph "Krab"
Authors: D.N.Monin, V.E.Panchuk

Results of development of the middle resolution echelle spectrograph CRAB for the BTA Nasmyth-1 focus are reported. The main principles of its design and development are noted. The optical scheme is described, a brief characteristic of principal unint is given. Results of the first commissioning tests are presented. The advantage of this spectrograph as compared to the dismounted spectrograph SP-124 is estimated. We discuss the way of future upgrading of CRAB.

N157 (December)

Atlas of spectra of F and G stars
Authors: V.G.Klochkova, S.V.Ermakov, V.E.Panchuk

An atlas of spectra of bright stars in the range of spectral classes F and G and luminosity classes I-V is presented. The spectral resolution is R=15000, the wavelength range - 4500-6620 A. Examples of spectra of stars with different metallicity [Fe/H] are given.

N156 (17.07)

Stellar spectropolarimeter
Authors: V.G.Klochkova, V.E.Panchuk, V.P.Romanenko.

Description of selected spectropolarimeters, which are designed for telecopes of different diameters to study star light polarization, are presented briefly. A programme of stellar spectropolarimetry technique development in SAO is formulated.

N155 (26.07)

The spectral complex of the Nasmyth focus of the 6 m telescope. VIII. The local corrector of the star position.
Authors: A.A.Ivanov, V.E.Panchuk, V.S.Shergin.

It is reported on the development of means for correction of the star position at the entrance aperture of three spectrographs fixed at the Nasmyth-2 focus of BTA. The correction system makes up considerably for the oscilations of the star centre position in the frequency range below 0.5 Hz. The gain in flux, which is estimated both theoretically and from the results of the first observations with the corrector, is from 0.5 to 1 stellar magnitude.

N154 (04.05)

The spectral complex of the 6 m telescope Nasmyth focus. VII. The Main stellar spectrograph.
Author: V.E.Panchuk.

The history of development of the main stellar spectrograph (MSS) of BTA is briefly outlined, the statistics of employing the device in observations is presented. It is reported on the completion of the principal stage of upgrading of the MSS, which consist in changing over to large- format diffraction gratings to accomodete a possibility of using presen-day light detectors and open up prospects of its further perfection.

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