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Preprints. 2005

Number Title Authors Abstract Full text
N208 Multicriteria problem of prefractal graph covering by eiler subgraphs Z.O.Korkmazova, R.A.Kochkarov
N209 Algorythms with estimates of building of covering by Eiler cycles on prefractal graph Z.O.Korkmazova, R.A.Kochkarov
N207 Observational databank ODA-R. The local FLEX-N standards for data of the continuum radiometers V.K.Kononov
N204 On the problem of Doppler search for exoplanet. V.E.Panchuk, A.N.Aliev
N203 The observational databanks ODA-R and ODA-B/SS. The filters of input shells. V.K.Kononov

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