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Preprints. 2006

N211 (March)
Investigation of Zeeman effect in spectral lines of intermediate polar RXJ0558.0+5353 (V405 Aur)
Authors: I.D.Naidenov, T.A.Lukinova, Yu.V.Alechina, K.E.Jalalov, L.M.Kochova

The paper presents the results of investigations of the longitudinal Zeeman effect from the spectral lines of the intermediate polar PXJ0558+5353 (V405 Aur). The observations were made at the Nasmyth-1 focus of the 6 m telescope BTA on 1999 September 16. 123 Zeeman spectra were obtained with a time resolution of 54.6 s. A range 3900-5100 AA with a spectral resolution 1.28 AA has been recorded with a CCD.

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