Астрофизический семинар САО РАН

29 мая 2024, 15:00, малый зал

1. Luka C. Popovic (Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Serbia)
Two interesting issues in AGN physics: Changing look AGN mechanism and Fe II lines
In this talk, two open questions in the physics of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) will be discussed: the changing look phenomenon when an AGN is changing the type of activity and the presence (or not) of strong Fe II lines that define the position of an AGN on the quasar's main sequence diagram.
2. Branislav Vukotic (Astronomical Station Vidojevica, Serbia)
Stellar orbits and Galactic habitability
Zonal concept of Galactic habitability was derived as an extension of the circumstellar habitable zone. Subsequent works implied that Galactic annulus that have the highest probability to host planets in life-friendly conditions might not be best described with clearly defined boundaries. Stellar radial migrations and secular evolution of galactic stellar orbits should be taken into account in models of Galactic distribution of potential planetary habitats. Most of the present day population of stable orbit stars in Solar neighborhood originates from the radial mixing zone located at 3-12 kpc galactocentric distance

Ведущий: А.В. Моисеев

Лекции А.А. Клыпина, прочитанные на астрофизических семинарах САО РАН 20-23 июня 2011 г
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