The Special astrophysical observatory of the Russian academy of sciences, Nizhnij Arkhyz, Russia
30 September - 4 October 2019


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Sunday, September 29
Monday, September 30
09:20-09:30Kudryavtsev DmitryThe conference opening
09:30-10:10 Karachentsev Igor Dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume
10:10-10:30 Kniazev Alexey Interaction history of the LMC and SMC: Spectroscopic observations with SALT telescope of Cepheids from the Magellanic Bridge
10:30-10:50 Makarova Lidia Spatial segregation and star formation in dwarf spheroidal galaxies: Local Group and beyond
10:50-11:10 Usachev Pavel Calibration of the tip of the red giants branch using GAIA dr2
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:20 Di Cintio Arianna Ultra diffuse and low surface brightness galaxies: observational signatures and dark matter content
12:20-12:40 Baushev Anton The central cusps in dark matter halos: fact or fiction?
12:40-13:00 Kang Xi An analytical model for the structure evolution of satellite galaxies in the Milky Way and its application to both Cold and Warm dark matter
13:00-13:20 Zaitseva Natalia On the nature of low-luminous spiral galaxies
14:30-17:00Excursion to 6m BTA telescope
17:00-17:30Coffee break
17:30-18:10 Elmegreen Bruce Star Formation Processes and Energy Sources in Interstellar Gas
18:10-18:30 Moiseev Alexei Star formation feedback in dwarf galaxies tracked by 3D spectroscopy with Fabry-Perot interferometers
18:30-18:50 Egorov Oleg Feedback-driven superbubbles and triggered star formation in nearby dwarf galaxies
18:50-19:10 Oparin Dmitry BPT-σ relation in local galaxies.
19:10-24:00Welcome party
Tuesday, October 1
09:30-10:10 Sylos Labini Francesco Galaxy formation from out of equilibrium gravitational dynamics
10:10-10:30 Sharina Margarita Spectroscopic studies of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies
10:30-12:50 Vasiliev Evgenii Superbubbles in face-on galaxies: energy budget and velocity dispersion
10:50-11:10 Acharova Irina Looking for a possible evolutionary relationship between circumgalactic gas clouds (DLAs, LLSs, pLLSs) and globular clusters
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:20 Müller Oliver Small-scale cosmology with dwarf galaxies
12:20-12:40 Mosenkov Aleksandr Deep imaging of low surface brightness structures near galaxies
12:40-13:00 Musin Marat Synergy of the SDSS and the WISE in the Stripe 82: physical properties of 15 million galaxies
13:00-13:20 Pustilnik Simon Search for new very low metallicity galaxies in the Local Universe, study of their diversity and speculations on its origin
14:30-17:00Excursion to RATAN-600 telescope
17:00-17:30Coffee break
17:30-18:10 Skillman Evan The Lowest Metallicity Galaxies
18:10-18:30 Vučetić Milica Nature of central emission nebulae in the dwarf galaxy NGC 185
18:30-18:50 Egorova Evgenia Ionized gas kinematics of void galaxies
18:50-19:10 Proshina Irina Circlet of starforming clumps in NGC 4324
Wednesday, October 2
09:30-10:10 Tully R. Brent The Local Void
10:10-10:30 Dupuy Alexandra Segmenting the Universe into dynamically coherent basins
10:30-10:50 Salomon Jean-Baptiste Revisiting the local Hubble flow
10:50-11:10 Telikova Ksenia Stellar and dark matter density in the Local Universe
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:20 Gottloeber Stefan From Large Volume Simulations to Near Field Cosmology
12:20-12:40 Libeskind Noam High-resolution Environmental Simulations of The Immediate Area: the HESTIA project
12:40-13:00 Grishin Kirill Stellar dynamics of nearby low surface brightness galaxies in integrated light: bridging the gap between dEs, UDGs and dSphs
13:00-13:20 Shirokov Stanislav Spatial galaxy distribution in real and redshift space for the Local Universe
14:30-17:00Excursion to the Ancient City
17:00-17:20Coffee break
17:30-18:10 Tully R. Brent Public talk (English)
Laniakea: Humanity's home among 100,000 galaxies
18:10-18:50 Сильченко Ольга Касьяновна Публичная лекция (Русский)
Загадки галактик
Thursday, October 3
09:30-10:10 Wheeler Coral Sweating the small stuff: Or how I learned to START worrying and love the smallest galaxies
10:10-10:30 Gainutdinov Rustam S-stars motion around relativistic compact object SgrA*
10:30-10:50 Romanenko Viktor Ultra-high energy gamma-ray astronomy with the Baksan air shower array
10:50-11:10 Solovyov Dmitry The GRB-Cosmology Data Base of observed and calculated parameters for applications in cosmological tests
11:20-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:20 Sil'chenko Olga Lenticular galaxies of the Local Universe: Effect of environments
12:20-13:00 Puzia Thomas H. Baryonic Structures in Panchromatic Surveys of the Local Universe
Poster session
Arakelyan Naira Impact of the accretion of Sagittarius dwarf on the distribution of Milky Way's globular clusters
Antipova Alexandra Orientation of the spins of the edge-on galaxies relative to the filaments
Drozdov Sergey Emission characteristics of dust in cooling plasma
Kaisin Serafim H-alpha imaging galaxies in the Local Volume
Kaisina Elena Catalog & Atlas of the LV Galaxies
Kashibadze Olga Kinematic study of the Virgo cluster
Klimenko Viacheslav Interstellar UV radiation field in high redshift galaxies probed by Damped Lyman Alpha systems: measurements based on excitation of H2 rotational levels
Shablovinskaya Elena The intraday variations of the polarization vector directi on in blazar S5 0716+714
Smirnova Ksenia Search of correlation between galaxies with H2O maser and without H2O maser
Sypkova Anastasiia Study of PN population in nearby dwarf galaxy NGC3077
Tikhonov Nikolay The distance to the irregular galaxy Cassiopeia 1
Tikhonov Nikolay Semi-dark dwarf galaxy Coma P on the periphery of the Virgo cluster
Uklein Roman Photometric Reverberation Mapping Project at the Zeiss-1000 of SAO RAS. Current status
Zarei Jalalabadi Behjat BPT-sigma relation in nearby dwarf galaxies
Friday, October 4
08:30-19:00Excursion to Dombai

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