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Preprints. 2004

Number Title Authors Abstract Full text
N202 Guaranteed estimations of P-medians of prefractal graphs with seeding agents - complete n-vertex graph, edge, n-vertex star A.A.Uzdenov
N201 Algorithms of definition of absolute P-centers on prefractal graphs with complete n-vertex graph as a seeding agent A.A.Uzdenov, D.A.Pavlov.
N200 About one multicriteria problem of a covering of a minimum weight prefractal graph by simple intersected paths D.A.Pavlov., A.A.Kochkarov
N199 Algorithms of solutiom of the multicriteria problem of a covering prefractals graphs by non-intersected simple path D.A.Pavlov., R.A.Kochkarov
N198 About one multicriteria problem of selection of the greatest maximum paths on prefractals graphs D.A.Pavlov., A.A.Kochkarov, A.A.Uzdenov
N194 The observational databank ODA-B/SS. The main archive database V.K.Kononov, V.G.Klochkova
N197 Spectroscopy of the hypergiant HD 183143 E.L.Chentsov
N196 Results of spectral monitoring of the white hypergiants HD 168607 and HD 168625 E.L.Chentsov
N195 Devices of telescopes of small and moderate size V.E.Panchuk, E.V.Emelianov, V.G.Klochkova, V.P.Romanenko
N192 Methods for determination of radial velocities of stars V.E.Panchuk, A.N.Aliev, V.G.Klochkova, M.V.Yushkin

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