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Preprints. 2004

N192 (January)
Methods for determination of radial velocities of stars
Authors: V.E.Panchuk, A.N.Aliev, V.G.Klochkova, M.V.Yushkin

A survey has been conducted of the fundamental techniques for determination of radial velocities of stars, and design features of some spectral systems have been considered. Basic performance characteristics of the spectrographs of three types (Cassegrain focus, Coude focus and fiber spectrographs) are presented. Radial velocity measurement errors caused by the instabilities of the instruments characteristics are estimated. Astrophysical limitations on the radial velocity measurement accuracy of stars are discussed. Principles of applications of the Fabry-Perot etalon to the task of improving the accuracy of determination of radial velocities are started. Methods of absolute accelerometry both in the problem of studying oscillations of the solar surface and in the task of astroseismology are described. Information on the accuracies of radial velocity measurement with facilities of different type is presented, prospectes of improving the accelerometry precision are being evaluated. This survey may be helpful for post-graduates and students of physico - mathematica departments.

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