The first light MaNGaL observations

Figure demonstrates the results of the first light MaNGaL observations of the planetary nebulae Messier 27 at the Cassegrain focus of the 1-m telescope Zeiss-1000 in September 2017: the images in the emission lines and the continuum, as well as the color composite image of the nebula in the [OIII], Hα and [NII] lines after subtracting the stellar continuum. The relatively large field of view in the Cassegrain focus of Zeiss-1000 is convenient for observations of galaxies having a large angular diameter and Galactic H ii regions. A good example is the Sh2-235 region of star formation, its emission-line composite image restored from MaNGaL observations is shown in Fig. 7. Also, this figure shows the spectrum in the Hα + [NII] emission lines of this nebulae obtained in the scanning mode of MaNGaL. The detailed description and analysis of these observations are given in Kirsanova, M. S. et al., 2020