Laboratory of Spectroscopy and Photometry of
Extragalactic Objects

Alexei V. Moiseev

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Ph.D thesis under my supervision:

Anastasya Yarovova
Thesis in preparation: "Study of massive stars feedback in nearby dwarf galaxies" (SAI MSU)

Behjat Zarei Jalalabadi
Ph.D. thesis:"The ionized gas excitation mechanisms ij neraby galaxies: an observatinal study" (2023, Birjand University, Iran)

Eugeny Malygin
Ph.D. thesis: "Study of geometry and kinematics of the central regions of active galaxies" (2023, SAO RAS)

Elena Shablovinskaya
Ph.D. thesis:"Study of the central regions of active galaxies in polarised light" (2021, SAO RAS)

Alexander Perepelitsyn
Ph.D. thesis: "Panoramic spectroscopy facilities for the Russian telescopes" (2021, IAA RAS)

Dmitry Oparin
Bachelor thesis: "Galactic wind on the galaxy NGC 4460" (2012, Moscow State University)
Ms.S. thesis: "Study of galactic wind in the galaxies NGC 4460 and NGC 4068" (2013, Moscow State University)
Ph.D. thesis: "Study of impact of star formation on ionized gas in galaxies" (2020, SAO RAS)

Oleg Egorov
Ph.D thesis:
"Study of gaseous and dust components of interstellar medium in the galaxies with violent star formation IC 10 and VII Zw 403" (2011, Moscow State University)

Students' works:

Alina Ihksanova
Coursework: "Analys of spectra of the galaxies Teacup and Mrk 514" (2021, Kazan Federal University)
Coursework: "Study of th eionized gaseous halo around the quasar Teacup" (2020, Kazan Federal University)
Ms.S. thesis: "Study of active galactic nuclei influence on interstellar medium" (2023, Kazan Federal University)

Darya Kozlova
Coursework: "Study of gaseous structures in Seyfert galaxies" (2019)
Coursework: "Study of ionization cones in galaxies" (2020, Ural Federal University)
Ms.S. thesis: "Kinematics of the extended ionized gas regions around galaxies with active nuclei" (2023, Ural Federal University)

Tatiana Bryukhareva
Bachelor thesis: "Ionized gas distribution in the galaxies with fading star formation" (2016, Moscow State University)
Ms.S. thesis: "Observational study of galaxies with misalignment stellar and gas motions" (2018, Moscow State University)

Sergei Sapozhnikov
Bachelor thesis: "Observational manifestations of gas accretion in galaxies " (2017, Moscow State University)

Pavel Yuanchikov
Bachelor thesis: "Study of interstellar gas kinematics in dwarf galaxies" (2012, Moscow State University)

Ksenia Smirnova
Bachelor thesis: "Feeding of Seyfert nucleus on the example of the galaxy Mrk 471" (2010, Ural Federal University)
Ms.S. thesis: "Study of polar-ring galaxies" (2013, Ural Federal University)

Anastasia Sypkova
Coursework: "Сataloguing candidates for planetary nebulae" (2019, St. Petersburg State University)

Ivan Katkov
Bachelor thesis: "Rotation curves and mass distribution in galaxies based on BTA observations" (2009, Moscow State University)